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Artistic versions of traditional pictures offer unique opportunities to enliven your photographs.  They can be enlarged, printed on canvas or art papers...or creatively matted and framed for your home.  They are great for holiday cards and go nicely on your refrigerator.  This is a very small offering of what is possible.
"I'm not unemployed...I'm an artist."
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This "Gone With The Wind" image is an example of the type of thing that can be done with existing images.  We were furnished with photographs of two people who wanted "something different".  This result was used to make greeting cards, framed prints and was even made into the face of a clock.  With a little time and imagination, any number of options exist.
Traditional portraits can be transformed in any number of ways.  Converted to timeless black & white or perhaps made to look like paintings, pastels and watercolors--suitable for framing.  Be sure to ask about the possibilities!
      mong the many advantages of professional digital equipment is the ability to manipulate images after the photograph has been made.  In some cases, the objective is to correct blemishes or minor flaws.  In other situations, the goal is to create something completely different.  We offer a wide range of creative techniques that alter and enhance images to create truly unique portraits.  From mild to wild, we offer a wide range of enhancement options.

Hold your mouse over each of the larger photos to reveal a different variation.  Click on the link below to see more artistic variations.
Click on this photo for a larger view of the "artistic" version.
Click on this photo for a larger view of the "artistic" version.