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About Us
"Like the bee, we should make our industry our amusement." 
James Goldsmith

BKMeyer Photography is a cottage industry based on a background of professional marketing, advertising, communications and, of course, photography.  Since 1975, we've been working in and around the creation of high quality graphic arts for a wide range of corporate and non-profit heavyweights. 

Working with photography has always been an important part of our responsibilities.  Three years doing travel and hospitality photography throughout the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.  Serving a two year stint as a ringside boxing photographer.  Countless tradeshows, receptions and awards ceremonies.  And the creation of highly stylized images for a variety of upscale organizations with a reputation for dedication to quality of their promotional materials.

We understand the importance of looking good-and we're committed to what we do.  Our goal is to create unique, interesting and fun photography.  Images that will stand the test of time.

That's one of the reasons we've gone digital.  Oh sure, we clung to our film cameras for quite a while.  But facts are facts.  Film may not be dead, but it is losing ground to digital technology on a daily basis.  Digital photography is not only more cost efficient that film--based photography, it's better.  From traditional images to exotic post-production effects, digital is the medium of the future.  No matter how you intend to share your pictures, from basic prints, to wall-mounted enlargements--or over the internet--digital photography is the answer to questions you didn't event know you had.

Photography is not the only thing we do, but it's what we like doing.  We enjoy what we do and we want you to as well.

BKMeyer Photography is headed by Brad and Nancy Meyer, with a little help from our friends.
About Us

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