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   ou have one shot at making that first impression with busy casting directors, advertising agencies and talent agents.  And there is a lot of competition out there.  Do you really think those homemade snapshots your uncle took last year will get you serious consideration?

Whether you come to us or someone else, do yourself a favor and make a modest investment in higher quality headshots that put your best "look" forward.  And remember, there are distinct differences between standard commercial portraits and professional headshots.  Subtle, but important.

We work with you to create a series of images suited to both your features AND your aspirations.  At the end of your session, you'll have a variety of "looks" available for the different opportunities that come to professional and aspiring models, actors and actresses.

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Up-to-date headshots are a "must" for professional and aspiring models, actors and actresses.  Let us help you out!