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Contact Us
220 Lakeshore Drive
Conroe, TX  77304

          281-221-4812 (Cell)

We're located north of Houston.  Take I-45 north, just past the Woodlands.
Passing the Woodlands, you'll see Hwy. 1488.  Don't take it, but it means you're very close.  In 2 miles, you'll see the exit for Loop 336.  Take the exit and head west.  You'll go for approximately 3 miles.  Owen Road has a flashing light--and the local YMCA is on your left.  Take a right on Owen Road.  Go one block to the "T" in the road and take a left.  This is Magnolia.  Go over the 6 speed bumps to the stop sign and take a right on Pinewood.  Be quick, the first street you come to is Lakeshore Drive.  Take a right and wind down the road about a half mile.
"We're anxious to hear from you."