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What's New?
      e have been woefully behind in updating the content of the website lately.  Seems we have lots of ideas and precious little time.  It's feast or famine in the world of digital imagery these days.  There are a number of new things to feature...and just not enough time to do them justice.  We're now offering various sizes of photo keychains, match boxes, refrigerator magnets and other specialty items.  But the thing we get the most comments about are the customized referral cards we make for our customers.  Since we don't advertise, we depend on referrals from our clients...and these are a great way to help spread the word.
We're always coming up with new and innovative approaches to the task at hand.
Special proof sheet photos with representative images from your session are always popular.  Available in 5"x7" or 8"x10" sizes, they are a great way to showcase your session.  And they make unique gifts for friends and family.
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Larger Size Prints & Posters
We're working with a local lab to produce larger prints and posters these days.  The 16"x24" size is popular because of inexpensive frames at local art stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  But 24"x36" and other sizes are available as well.  Big prints are very popular these days...
Broadway Comes To Houston        
Late one recent Friday night, I received a call from a local theatre where I do a fair amount of work.  It seems the musical group The Broadway Baritones had just finished their final rehearsal before the show.  They noticed some of our photography on the bulletin board and called to ask if we would be able to do a session with them.  The trio is comprised of busy singers with a long list of professional credits on on and off-Broadway productions.  But what they didn't have was a recent group shot.
     We worked out a session time just before their concert to do a number of group shots as well as some individual portraits and head shots.  Really interesting fellows too.  At the end, they invited me to shoot the concert as well...how could I refuse!