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   ur standard studio packages are based on sessions at our studio.  Longer sessions and remote shoots can be arranged with advance notice.

The Basic:  A dedicated session for one person with up to a half hour of studio time.  A traditional approach to portraits with a plain background.  One outfit with 8-10 images.  Session price includes two 5"x7" prints--your choice--from the session (additional print prices listed below).         $65.

The Basic Plus:  A basic session for couples that includes the traditional poses above plus the option of clothing changes, props and more.  Up to an hour of studio time in which to create several different looks-usually 12-15 different images.  Price includes one (1) 8"x10" photograph or two 5"x7" photographs, your choice from session.    $85.

The Basic Family:  for groups of (4) four or less.  Up to an hour of studio time with as many clothing changes, props or specialty poses as can be completed during your session.  Includes two (2) 8"x10" photographs or four (4) 5"x7" photos-your choice from session.  $125.

On-Site Rates:  $75 per hour with a two hour minimum within a half hour drive of Conroe.  Give us a call for a custom quote based on your requirements. 
A variety of additional print and other options are listed below.

Basic Prints

Quality digital print prices:

3.5"x5" prints                  2.75              
5"x7" prints                     6.00                
8"10" prints                     9.00                
11"x14" prints               15.00                
12"x16" prints               25.00                
Wallets (8 per page)       9.00

Lab Prints

3.5"x5" prints                  4.75
5"x7" prints                      8.00
8"10" prints                    1400
11"x14" prints                21.00
12"x16" prints                31.00
Wallets (8 per page)      13.00

Larger sizes, canvas/art paper printing and other options are available. 
Please let us know what special print options interest you.
Special Proof Sheet Prints
Representative images from your shoot-- they really are great gifts!
5"x7" Custom Mini-Proof (6 images)  $12
8"x10" Custom Proof (up to 12 images) $20

Internet Ready Images
Convert any image for use on the internet        $2

Grouping several individual images into one larger, more dynamic photograph is a popular technique for adults and children alike.  Our unique "White Zone  set makes this easier to do, but it is helpful to plan ahead if you have a particular result in mind.  Certain restrictions apply, but composites can be put together at a one-time cost of $5 per additional image being added plus the cost of prints.  For example, if you have three great images you want combined into one photo, the composite fee would be $5 each for adding two additional images to the original, or a $10 processing fee plus the cost of prints.

FilmStrip Composite
Our popular filmstrip composites are 5"x7" photographs featuring the subjectís name, a primary image and several images from the shoot. While the format is somewhat standardized, there is room to modify the photo to personalize it as necessary.  The cost is $15 for the first FilmStrip Composite and $8 for each additional print.

Retouching, Artistic Manipulation
Minor retouching (skin blemishes, etc.) is included on all images selected for prints.  More extensive retouching services are available based on the nature of the request and the actual amount of time required--billed in 15 minute increments and based on $75 per hour.  Artistic photographic conversions of a photograph for a single portrait require a minimum of 30 minutes, but may take longer.  An estimate will be provided on any image we believe will require more than 30 minutes of post processing. 

All prices subject to change without notice.
Compare our prices, service--and results--with those mall photographers.  There's a reason to celebrate!