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Our studio is located off Loop 336 in Conroe, on the north side of Houston.  In addition to a dedicated studio facility, our unique waterfront property is situated on a 35 acre community lake with a wide range of lush landscaping areas and visually dynamic artifacts that can serve as interesting photographic backgrounds.

You can schedule studio, outdoor or a combination shoot to suit your preferences.   Location shoots at your home, office or other locations are available as well.

Your Session

Schedule your session for a time that is convenient.  Rushing in and out is counter-productive to producing quality images.  It is also important to give us an idea of what types of images you'd like to create-especially if you have a particular end product in mind.  There are a wide range of portrait styles that can be created in our studio and by the lake on our property, so feel free to express your ideas before the shoot gets started.  We typically allocate between thirty minutes and an hour for a typical session.  If you anticipate needing additional time, it is important this is discussed before your shoot to assure there is adequate time allotted.

It is a good idea to arrive a few minutes early as your session time begins at the scheduled time and ends according to the session you have booked unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  On busy days, we schedule sessions in sequence.  As such we cannot extend your session time automatically if you arrive late. 

The Shoot

Above all else, our photographic sessions are typically a lot of fun.  Our entire attention is focused on you.  Our goal is not only to create unique photographic images you'll treasure, but to make the session experience comfortable and rewarding.  Even if you've been uncomfortable with other photographers in the past, we'll do our best to make this experience both memorable and enjoyable.

Your session is done using a professional grade digital camera, backgrounds and studio lights.  We have converted from film to digital because of the wide range of enhanced capabilities this medium offers in terms of final products.  Whether you want small print, oversized enlargements or images you can send over the Internet, digital photography offers the best, most cost-efficient options available.

What To Bring
  • We recommend bringing a change of clothes-at least a change of "tops  from which to   pick the best possible look. 
  • Makeup, combs, brushes or other grooming aids.
  • Any special props important to your session.  We HIGHLY recommend you bring  personal items to be included in your included in your casual photographs.
  • Change of clothes, diapers and special toys for infants/small children.

What To Wear

You are free to wear pretty much whatever you like during your sessions. There
are, however, some recommendations we can make from experience:
  • Avoid overly trendy clothing.  What appears "hip" today can be disappointing in the future.  Remember Nehru jackets?
  • Avoid clothing with strong patterns:  polka dots, large stripes, plaids, etc.
  • Avoid clothing with prominent logos, writing or symbols on it.  These things tend to distract from the subject.
  • Long sleeves are a better choice where possible.  Avoid sleeveless dresses, especially for couples or family photographs.  High neck clothing is a good choice for everyone, especially older folks.
  • Rich earth tones are generally good choices:  rusts, greens, browns, reds, etc.  Black is timeless.  White long-sleeved shirts and khakis are a good looking combination as well.  Long sleeve white shirts and khaki slacks are a great look in our "White Zone" setup.
  • Above all, coordinate the clothing for everyone that will appear in the picture together.  It is not necessary for everyone to be dressed the same, but similar styles and colors will greatly enhance the final photos. 
  • Glasses can be a challenge to photograph because of glare and reflection.  Consider NOT wearing glasses or having the lenses removed by your optician for the session.  This is not required, but be aware than some lenses reflect light in a distracting manner.


To save time and money, proofs from your session will be provided online over the internet.  You will be provided with a special link that enables you the opportunity to  valuate your photographs and make decisions about what prints or other services you would like to order.  Online proofs are available for 30 days; however we generally keep the original files for up to a year from the date of your session if case you decide to add to your order--something most everyone does.
While we prefer the ease and convenience of shooting in our studio, there are situations where the photography you want can't be done there.  Or perhaps your organization needs portraits of a dozen or more people and the  logistics of assembling, transporting and committing the time simply won't work.  We can come to you.  Once we know your interests and specifications, we can bring the cameras, lights and photographic gear to the location it needs to be.  Whether it's a busy office, your home or the great outdoors, we're able to handle most on-site photography needs.  Prices vary based on requirements, conditions and timing, but if the shot you REALLY want can't be accomplished in our studios, we'll bring the studio to you.

Call us for more details!